All 3 agencies doing ICA from Korea have violated the law since 2012

Since August 2012 (when the Special Adoption Law was enforced), all three adoption agencies currently doing ICA from Korea have violated the Special Adoption Law. We already knew about Holt, thanks to Hyun-su. Now, about the others:   – report from the Korea Daily Along with Holt, all three adoption agencies (SWS, Eastern Social Welfare Society) […]

Information on proposed block of adoptees’ birth registrations

The following is a translation of the main points relevant to adoptees that Kim Sang-yong (Professor at Joongang University Law School) has proposed to the Family Registration Law. Professor Kim was asked by the Ministry of Justice to make this proposal. Click here for information on how you can share your opinion with Professor Kim by attending […]

Number of children “languishing” in “Korean orphanages”

As of 2012 Dec. 31, there were 15,916 children living in facilities in Korea. There are various kinds of facilities. The ones pertinent to this population are the following: child-rearing facility, protection and medical care facility, facility to support independence, temporary care facility (may be pre-adoption), multi-purpose facility. The age breakdown of the total 15,916: […]

Overview of South Korean Adoption and Child Welfare

  Overview of South Korean Adoption and Child Welfare[1] In South Korea, both domestic and international adoptions are going down.[2] Why? The number of domestic prospective adoptive parents dropped 39% in 2013 from 2012.[3] Explanations for this could be: SAL[4] strengthened domestic screening for adoptive parents: People with criminal histories may no longer adopt. Also, […]